Spinach salad (68)

    Find salad recipes to bring more healthy spinach to your table, from spinach feta salads to spinach salads with seasonal fruits to pasta spinach salads.

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    Everyone I have made this for absolutely loves it! It's something different with a great presentation, yet so easy to make.

    Recipe by: Jamie Hensley

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    A perfect summer salad with ripe peaches, spinach and toasted pecans.

    Recipe by: Robin Durawa

    100 reviews

    Rich in colour and texture, and boldly flavoured with fresh blackberries and feta cheese, this salad is gorgeous.

    Recipe by: VALKARYN

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    This is such a flavourful, nutty, fresh tasting pasta salad. I always serve it at my parties. I think it's the combination of fresh spinach, the crispy bacon and the pine nuts that make it so good.

    Recipe by: _jennifer

    96 reviews

    This is a super-nutritious salad. Spinach is tossed with red onion, walnuts, feta, alfafa sprouts and pomegranate seeds in a balsamic vinaigrette. Enjoy as is or as a starter or side dish.

    Recipe by: SarieNickle

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