Fennel (129)

    Part of the carrot family, fennel's sweet, distinctive taste makes it a lovely change from the norm in salads, soups and more.

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    A very simple but totally delicious vegetarian dish. Fennel is baked with cream, creme fraiche and Parmesan cheese. It's so simple and if you've never tried fennel before - be prepared to be delighted. This is an ideal accompaniment to many tomato based Italian dishes as the creaminess balances nicely with the tomato.

    Recipe by: RUPERTLSSMITH

    13 reviews

    A very refined soup and so easy to make! Courgette and fennel combine with chicken stock and simple storecupboard spices for a soup that is great to make when in season.

    Recipe by: Diana

    29 reviews

    This is a traditional Italian salad served on wild greens. Here I use wild rocket.

    Recipe by: Barrett

    70 reviews

    A super-delicious pasta dish, which is packed full of wonderful flavours. Rigatoni is tossed with spicy sausages, fennel, roasted red pepper and topped with mozzarella and Parmesan.

    Recipe by: Boog

    21 reviews

    Radicchio, fennel, watercress and pecans are tossed with a lovely balsamic vinaigrette. A fabulously different salad that serves a crowd and looks beautiful in a bowl.

    Recipe by: Barrett

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