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    9 reviews

    A vegan friendly coleslaw! Chopped cabbage is tossed with diced tomato, orange juice, lime juice and seasoned. It's a great, light and healthy alternative to traditional coleslaw.

    Recipe by: Kristal

    488 reviews

    Preparing this coleslaw is easy. The only tricky part is waiting! It just tastes much better if you give it time to chill and let the flavours blend. Adding onion comes down to a personal preference, or you could use red onion or spring onions if you prefer.

    Recipe by: CoOkInGnUt

    212 reviews

    This will be your staple coleslaw recipe once you try it - you'll never get shop bought again!

    Recipe by: STEPHB1

    3 reviews

    Everyone loves coleslaw, and this fresh-tasting version will be sure to appeal to the whole family. Made with white cabbage, carrot and radishes, it is flecked with spring onions, sweet sultanas and roasted peanuts, and tossed with a creamy dressing that is healthily low in fat.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

    40 reviews

    This creamy coleslaw is embellished with cucumber and tomato.

    Recipe by: BLUEWOULF

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