Dog food and treats (34)

    Pamper your pooch with homemade dog treats and recipes for dog food made with wholesome everyday ingredients.

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    These quick and very simple dog bites make the perfect little snack for your pet. Dogs love peanut butter!

    Recipe by: TheBritishBaker

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    We love our dogs like our kids, so why not celebrate their birthdays too? Surprise your pooch with this lovely birthday cake; however they may need a little help blowing out the candles!

    Recipe by: Tiffin Filion

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    These are great for your favourite furry friend. Every dog that's tried these gobbles them up in a second.

    Recipe by: Tami

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    Not only are these treats tasty for your pet, but also very healthy. Parsley is well know for helping keep bad doggy breath under control, while carrots are good for the stomach.

    Recipe by: TheBritishBaker

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    My dogs love fish. I was given this recipe from a friend in the USA years ago and thought I would share.

    Recipe by: Whitey