Banana pancakes (41)

    Whether you are looking for gluten free banana pancakes, or a fun twist on traditional pancakes or simply new ways to use up ripe bananas - you'll find lots of different banana pancakes recipes to try here!

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    I combined a few gluten free recipes to make these pancakes. They are made with oats, cottage cheese, banana and eggs. They are high in protein and sweet enough to eat without any toppings, though I usually eat them with some fresh fruit!

    Recipe by: Sarah

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    You've heard of using up your ripe bananas to make banana bread but don't forget they are perfect for pancakes, too!

    Recipe by: ADDEAN1

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    Easy to make and they disappear quickly!

    Recipe by: sal

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    This is an easy pancake recipe that uses up those leftover ripe bananas that no one wants to eat!

    Recipe by: TINKERTHINKER

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    Really easy to make and can be still be made successfully without self raising flour as once tried it when I grabbed wrong jar of flour and realised too late although not as light and fluffy as orginal. May need to double recipe for hungry people.

    Recipe by: kiwiinuk

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