Mango smoothie (25)

Give your smoothie a tropical edge with the addition of fresh, sweet mango. Combined with anything from coconut milk to yoghurt, mango whizzes into a healthy and tasty treat.

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This creamy fruit smoothie transports you to the tropics for breakfast! Use ripe mango when in season, or use tinned or frozen mango.

Recipe by: dudey

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My version of the El Nino Smoothie found in Coffee #1. A great option for breakfast if you are on the go.

Recipe by: juliejones31

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Whip up this high-protein smoothie made with fresh mango, vanilla yoghurt, almond milk, honey and protein powder.

Recipe by: Lela

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I love mangoes and fresh fruit. This is great to make and pack to have with you around town in a bottle, or just have for breakfast anytime.

Recipe by: Sixx

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Smoothies are speedy and satisfying fruit drinks – as thick as a milk shake – that can either be made with milk and yogurt or just with pure fruit juices and fruit pulp. Almost any fresh fruit can be used, on its own or in combination. To serve more than 2, simply make a second batch of smoothies.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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