Breadsticks make a tasty snack and the perfect dipping accompaniment to a bowl of soup or saucy pasta. Find loads of breadstick recipes here, from the soft yeasted variety to crispy Italian grissini.

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Looking for a no-fuss breadstick recipe that doesn't require yeast? This is a fantastically easy and delicious recipe for bread sticks that's ready in 30 minutes. For flavour, you could sprinkle in dried herbs, chilli powder, or even top with grated Parmesan just before baking.

Recipe by: bakingmaster

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Take shop-bought grissini breadsticks and turn them into an impressive and tasty nibble with this recipe! Perfect party fare.

Recipe by: Aldo

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My family just love these easy breadsticks, perfect to serve with pasta, pizza, soups etc. If you want a plain breadstick just omit the italian herbs.

Recipe by: TheBritishBaker

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Freshly grated Parmesan, a bite of black pepper and just a hint of fresh rosemary, baked into crispy golden twists. Great to eat now or to serve to guests, and perfect to give as a gift.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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Instead of buying them - have fun making your own sticks of crispy bread. That way, you can roll them out as thick or thin as you like. Add dried herbs, Parmesan cheese or sun dried tomatoes for different flavours. Dip in tomato-basil sauce or use for picnics or lunch boxes.

Recipe by: Paula Strafuss

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I am of Italian-Jewish background, and my mama and I have always been naturally inclined to making that kind of food! My mama, sister and I have needed to eat gluten free from the time I was nine years old, so it has taken that many years to develop all the recipes into gluten free form. A couple months ago, I finally discovered the perfect recipe for gluten free breadsticks, so I thought I share it with you! My family and I have enjoyed it, so hopefully you will too!

Recipe by: jewishgirl95

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Made in the food processor, these breadsticks are packed with garlic and Parmesan cheese. Serve with pasta, soup and salads.

Recipe by: Andi

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Italian grissini are crispy breadsticks, perfect to roll prosciutto on for an antipasto or to dip in any sauce. You won't believe how easy is to make them at home! The hard part will be having them all perfectly straight... but don't worry, the rustic look is great, too!

Recipe by: miche

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Homemade soft breadsticks brushed with butter and topped with Parmesan cheese. Easy to make! Add fresh or dried herbs to the dough, or sprinkle over top before baking.

Recipe by: Kandilynn

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Who doesn't love Italian grissini? This version of the Italian breadstick is made with toasted hazelnuts, perfect to serve at your next party. Just wrap in prosciutto slices or serve with your favorite dip.

Recipe by: lacucinadinadia

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