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    Buckwheat's grain-like seeds can be enjoyed cooked as they are, or ground into a naturally gluten-free flour. Common in Eastern European cuisine, buckwheat appears in everything from blinis to slow cooker soups.

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    These are delicious buckwheat pancakes that taste great with some butter and honey or jam.

    Recipe by: jessica

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    These gluten free grissini are crunchy, thin breadsticks made with buckwheat flour and butter. Grissini are long, crunchy breadsticks from Torino, usually made with lard or oil. The butter lends a soft interior and a crunchy exterior while bursting with a creamy, buttery flavour.

    Recipe by: Buckwheat Queen

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    Hot out the oven, these muffins are gorgeous. Best thing is they are so easy to prepare even the kids can do it. Use any choice of dried fruit and substitute the flour for wholemeal or spelt too. I find Doves farm flour fantastic. Enjoy with a nice cuppa!

    Recipe by: Hulya

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    Also called ‘kasha’, whole buckwheat grains give a pleasing chewy texture to this hearty vegetarian pilaf. Buckwheat is higher in protein than most grains, as well as providing B vitamins, minerals and fibre.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    A fantastic gluten-free and vegetarian side dish. Buckwheat is tossed with fresh herbs, red onion, cucumber and tomatoes in a cumin-spiced dressing.

    Recipe by: closetowater

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