Buckwheat's grain-like seeds can be enjoyed cooked as they are, or ground into a naturally gluten-free flour. Common in Eastern European cuisine, buckwheat appears in everything from blinis to slow cooker soups.

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    A creamy but light filling transforms these nutty-flavoured pancakes, popular in Normandy and Brittany, into a great dish for relaxed entertainment.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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    These little Russian pancakes have a deliciously distinctive flavour. For a more luxurious starter, top with a spoonful of dip or sour cream.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    A very tasty cheese straw recipe made with wholemeal and buckwheat flour for a rustic taste and texture. The chopped fresh rosemary makes a lovely addition to this king of canapes. You can use one cheese or a mixture of both.

    Recipe by: anton

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    This is a truly delicious traditional French dessert which uses buckwheat flour, prunes, raisins and cinnamon. It's basically like a baked custard with dried fruit but it is delicious and has that rich, dense texture. You can use plain flour instead of buckwheat, if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Caramelaubeurresale

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    A very filling lunch or side dish. Plus it's gluten and dairy-free. Cooking the onion and garlic is optional, especially if you opt to use red onion. Minced red chilli peppers also work well in this dish.

    Recipe by: Cassie

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    A super canapé for an elegant brunch or dinner party. Light buckwheat blinis are topped with a classic combo of smoked salmon, soured cream and fresh dill. You need start the blinis early because they need a few hours to rise.

    Recipe by: KarlHeinz

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    Sprouted buckwheat salad is a delicious healthy salad. I keep a supply of either fresh salad vegetables prepared in my fridge or cooked vegetables along with some cooked sprouted buckwheat. This salad can then be prepared in minutes for my lunchbox.

    Recipe by: MussarratButt

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    This pancake is chock-a-block with healthy goodness with a healthy dose of taste.

    Recipe by: DUMONTJ

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    The delicious blinis or mini pancakes are delicious served warm with smoked salmon, tzatziki or hummus. They can be made in advance, then frozen or refrigerated. All you need to do is warm them through before serving.

    Recipe by: mams

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    Buckwheat flour adds a delicious nuttiness to crepes or pancakes, typical of what you'll find in Brittany, France.

    Recipe by: annef

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