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    Millet is a gluten free grain with a deliciously nutty, mild flavour. It's used all over the world as flour for flatbreads, such as roti and injeera, and whole as a pilaf. Millet is highly versatile and can be added to everything from porridge to cookies.

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    Try this version of crispy squares using millet puffs, peanut butter and honey for a new twist on Rice Krispies® buns.

    Recipe by: Irene

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    Looking to make your own gluten free flour? This is my best recipe and works wonders! It makes roughly 1kg of plain gluten free flour. A tightly sealed container is a must if you are not going to use this blend straightaway.

    Recipe by: fioa

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    This is a traditional Ethiopia flatbread cooked in a frying pan. It is usually made with teff flour, a very finely milled flour made from the seeds of teff grass. Millet flour from a health food shop will work fine, however. It's a delicious bread for serving with stews or tagines.

    Recipe by: Kevin Ryan

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    A lightly sweetened, healthy wholegrain muffin. You can buy millet flour in Asian or health food shops.

    Recipe by: HIMEESGIRL

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    This recipe yields a light and fluffy gluten free, dairy free cornbread. Cornbread is light and fluffy, but somewhat crumbly. Letting cool for 5 to 10 minutes before serving helps with crumble.

    Recipe by: Jenny Wells

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      Gluten free flour with millet
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      Gluten free cornbread

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