Earthy and aromatic cumin adds warmth to loads of dishes, from Middle Eastern kebabs to the Indian favourite, aloo jeera. Find loads of ways with cumin here.

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    This recipe blends the flavours of cumin and lamb into one delicious burger. They are really tasty and super-easy to make. You can also cook these burgers on the barbecue, when the sun is finally out.

    Recipe by: Alan Hollister

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    In India, jeera is the word for cumin. This Indian fried rice is fragrant and delicious.

    Recipe by: Moomal Abro

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    This vegetarian dish is packed full of great tastes - grilled aubergine and tomatoes in a blend of spices. The smell of grilled aubergine reminds me of cooking outside on the open fire, the smoky smell wafting away – it can only be the sweet smell that tickles your taste buds. In my recipe I have partly fried and partly grilled the aubergine and tomatoes but you could grill the aubergine slices till nicely brown and tender under a grill in the oven or even better on open fire. Either way, this is a truly delicious combination of textures and flavours. A dish you can eat both warm and cold accompanied with pharata or plain boiled rice with the temptation of eating with your fingers.

    Recipe by: BrindasMauritiusDelights

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    This carrot and lentil soup has become a staple in our house, because of its gorgeous flavour and texture.

    Recipe by: Cookiecat

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    This is an easy peasy recipe that benefits from loads of flavour. Quick enough for a midweek supper, yet unique and tasty enough for a dinner party. For something even more aromatic, toast and grind the spices yourself.

    Recipe by: DARLA C.

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    Tender cooked chickpeas are simmered lightly with tomatoes, lemon juice and onions in a spicy blend of toasted cumin seeds and chilli powder. Served warm, this is eaten often during Ramadan at Iftar.

    Recipe by: Komal

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    This is a delicious dish that is impressive enough to serve at dinner parties but simple enough to make for your family. Tender lamb steaks combine beautifully with the flavours of cumin, spinach, creamy potato and sweet red wine sauce.

    Recipe by: Emma Jansen

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    Aromatic spices, garlic and fresh parsley transform carrots into a fabulous side dish.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Delicious crispy fritters made with shredded carrot, diced green pepper and onion and delicately spiced with cumin. Served with a spiced mango dip. Serves one as a starter or as a main course with rice or salad and naan bread.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    A deliciously simple and nutritious fried rice dish. Brown rice is stir-fried with onion, celery, raisins and seasonings. Serve as is or as a side dish with any meal.

    Recipe by: MTREESOR

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