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    A pinch of saffron is all you need to add a rich colour and unique flavour to Italian risotto recipes as well as Moroccan chicken tagines and Spanish paellas. Saffron is a gorgeous spice to add to breads, puddings and Indian desserts, too.

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    Chicken thighs are marinated in olive oil, garlic, turmeric and cumin, then braised with saffron, preserved lemon, olives and artichokes in this fragrant Moroccan dish. Serve with couscous, quinoa or rice.

    Recipe by: katherine99

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    Fragrant, flavourful saffron is the perfect ingredient for a simple, yet tasty risotto. You can prepare this recipe in no time using a pressure cooker, or choose to make it the traditional way in a regular saucepan.

    Recipe by: miche

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    This is a very healthy and tasty soup. Use vegetable oil instead of ghee to make it vegan.

    Recipe by: Lola

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    A delightful rice pudding with a special twist: the top is caramelised just like creme brûlée.

    Recipe by: Sophie_74

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    This Persian halva recipe combines rose water, saffron, butter and flour to form a sweet and rich treat that is perfect with tea or coffee.

    Recipe by: marybakes

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      Saffron risotto
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      Homemade saffron pasta dough

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