Stuffed courgette

    Stuffed courgette can be made a myriad of ways and always makes a welcome addition to the supper rotation. Try our recipes for vegetarian stuffed courgette, sausage stuffed courgette and more.

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    An easy and delicious vegetarian courgette recipe, which can be enjoyed as a side dish or a veggie main.

    Recipe by: 3Wine

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    Delight your friends and family with these tasty vegetarian morsels made with courgette and goat's cheese.

    Recipe by: nt_bella

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    This is ideal for parties and special events. Stuffed with corned beef is my favourite but they are just as nice plain, with tuna, bacon, minced beef, etc.

    Recipe by: kylsea

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    A great way to use up courgettes or marrows. You will probably already havemost of the ingredients in your cupboards. Tuna goes surprisingly well with courgettes and the topping becomes lovely and crispy as it bakes.

    Recipe by: G.R.

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    This is a delicious Italian-inspired dish. Hollowed out courgette halves are stuffed with seasoned minced beef and baked, in a wonderful tomato sauce.

    Recipe by: EGallagher55

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    The stuffing is made with sausagemeat but you could easily use beef mince. Finally...a recipe for anyone who doesn't want to use their oven during those (rare) warm summer evenings!

    Recipe by: mpenn

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    Courgettes are stuffed with a mince and parsley filling, covered with breadcrumbs and then baked in the oven. Simple and delicious!

    Recipe by: Maria

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    A perfect summer dish! Flavourful courgettes are stuffed with a delicious chorizo mixture then baked to perfection under slices of Brie.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    Easy to make, these stuffed courgettes are soft and savoury, a festive little side dish for your dinner. They're also a fab vegetarian main for four.

    Recipe by: NouvelleCuisineBio

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    This delicious dish is simply grated mixed vegetables stuffed into a courgette and topped with cheese and breadcrumbs!

    Recipe by: oleĊ„ka

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