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    This delicious custard-based dessert is easy to make and very stylish! Find easy recipes for classic creme caramel, Spanish flan, coffee creme caramel and how to make it in a slow cooker, too!

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    Caramelised sugar, sweetened milk and eggs - this delicious custard pud is cooked in individual ramekins.

    Recipe by: Bobby Kleinveld

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    Most traditional recipes for crème caramel are made with a sugar-based caramel and a rich creamy custard. The fruity version here uses apple juice both for the caramel and in the custard, thus reducing the fat and sugar content and making it dairy free. Served with blackberries, or another seasonal fruit, this is a delicious treat for family or friends.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This recipe is a cross between a crème caramel and a cheesecake but alot easier to make!

    Recipe by: Jo Poynor

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    This dessert is known as Mexican flan. It consists of a deliciously creamy, sweet and eggy custard, topped with a syrupy caramel sauce. Serve as a truly decadent dessert.

    Recipe by: Tigerlily402

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    Love creamy creme caramel, but wish you could cut down on some fat and calories? This recipe calls for light evaporated milk and water instead of the usual cream. I made it this way and my family did not notice the difference.

    Recipe by: Mogirimi

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