Creme caramel

    This delicious custard-based dessert is easy to make and very stylish! Find easy recipes for classic creme caramel, Spanish flan, coffee creme caramel and how to make it in a slow cooker, too!

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    A softly baked custard turned out into a pool of caramel.

    Recipe by: Welsh Girl

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    A delicious sweet custard-style Spanish flan that everyone will love! Pour any of the caramel sauce that's in the bottom of the dish over the top before serving.

    Recipe by: ASOTO

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    A classic dessert, which is easier to make than you think. Caramelised sugar and a creamy egg custard are baked together in a water bath.

    Recipe by: Beth

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    This is a great take on the classic creme caramel. It has the added flavour of coconut. It's a delicious chilled dessert for those who love custard and coconut!

    Recipe by: Viveca DelGiorno

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    This flan is of the creme caramel variety. It couldn't be easier to make. Nice sweet but light-on-the-stomach dessert. It's always a hit with my family. I never make enough apparently...

    Recipe by: ajmalyasmin

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    So delicious! This classic - also known as creme caramel - is a rich and creamy but not too heavy custard on a layer of caramelised sugar, baked in a water bath and chilled. The secret is long cooking (1 hour) at relatively low temperature (140 degrees C) and very careful caramelising of the sugar! Make sure that the melted sugar remains light brown when you place it into the ramekins. If it's too dark it gets too hard and any flan will taste too strong in this way (or even will taste slightly burnt).

    Recipe by: flor

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    A flan can be both a pastry-based tart and a baked custard, like a crème caramel. The flan here is the latter – a feather-light custard based on butternut squash, eggs and soured cream, fragrantly spiced and flavoured with orange. It cuts beautifully into wedges and is delicious served with more soured cream.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Known as Flan de Coco, this tropical baked coconut custard treat is a deceptively simple to prepare for such a decadently creamy, coconuty delight. Bring the taste of the Caribbean islands to your dinner table for afters any night of the week!

    Recipe by: Esther

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    I'm French and I keep seeing those little cartons of creme caramel in the yogurt section of all the supermarkets. This has forced me to add my easy recipe for this classic French dessert. Now you can have a go at making your own! Use a pie or baking dish that can be heated on the hob and in the oven.

    Recipe by: Anizou

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    This Mexican creme caramel is known as 'flan' in Mexico, and this version is the richest and creamiest you'll find, thanks to the addition of cream cheese! This creme caramel is also steamed instead of baked.

    Recipe by: gema

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