Mocktails (26)

    Leave out the booze but keep the fun with these tasty and inventive mocktail recipes. We've got ideas for non-alcoholic party punch, slushies, daiquiris and more.

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    Cranberry and raspberry juice mixed with fizzy lemonade for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink. Serve garnished with mint and fresh raspberries.

    Recipe by: Andy

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    This contains three different fruit juices - use your imagination to come up with different combinations!

    Recipe by: Blair

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    Whether you're wassailing or just need a winter warmer, this traditional non-alcoholic punch will be enjoyed by all.

    Recipe by: Liza Amezquita

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    This matcha green tea and mint ice tea mocktail recipe brings out the subtle mint taste of matcha green tea and the result is the taste of a mojito without the kick of rum. The calming properties of essential elements matcha green tea make this the ideal drink for relaxing in the sun whilst re-invigorating your skin and maintaining your perfect summer body.

    Recipe by: matchaUK

    57 reviews

    Frozen strawberries, lemon juice and ice cubes are blitzed in a blender to make this refreshing non-alcoholic summertime party drink!

    Recipe by: MGREE688

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