Nectarine recipes (37)

    Add ripe nectarines to summer salsas, salads, muffins and crumbles to add a burst of flavour and a touch of natural sweetness. Find easy recipes for nectarine jam so you can savour their taste throughout winter.

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    Nectarine halves are topped with sugar and cooked until caramelised. Serve with a dollop of yogurt for a simple and fresh dessert.

    Recipe by: Gabriel

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    A tangy salsa made by gently cooking marinated nectarines and red onion. Perfect for summer and great as a side to barbecued fish or chicken! Add some fresh coriander leaves for serving.

    Recipe by: STELLY

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    This tart is simply beautiful! This recipe tells you how to peel the skin off the nectarines, slice in half and arrange in an unbaked pastry case. Then all you have to do is combine cream, sugar, cinnamon, flour and almond extract and pour it over and around the nectarines. Bake in a very hot oven for 40 minutes.

    Recipe by: Vicki

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    Chia seeds, oats and fruit soak overnight in almond milk for a nutritious vegan breakfast of champions!

    Recipe by: Jet

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    A summertime salsa made with nectarines, tomatoes, lime and chilli pepper brightens up spicy barbecued pork chops. This is a lovely meal to share with friends.

    Recipe by: MICHELLE0011

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