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    Have fun making one of these beautiful Bundt cakes, including lemon drizzle Bundt cakes, chocolate Bundt cakes, apple cakes and more.

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    This traditional Polish babka is a cake perfect to enjoy with an afternoon cuppa. It's a moist and dense cake flavoured with hints of vanilla, almond and lemon.

    Recipe by: magpie

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    This magic cake seemingly impossibly transforms while baking! The chocolate layer rises to the top, while the creme caramel layer sinks to the bottom. The result is as gorgeous to eat as it is to look at! Also called chocoflan or magic chocolate flan cake, this is a popular Mexican recipe.

    Recipe by: gigi

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    Bundt cakes are American cakes named after the Bundt tins in which they are baked. The original Bundt cake tin was produced by a small company in the States, where they are still made today. If you have a Bundt tin and want a chocolate cake - this is your recipe!

    Recipe by: Emely Habibe-Croes

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    It's not a mistake - this cake recipe has tomato passata in it! It also has cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice and fresh orange juice which means it doesn't taste like tomatoes! Don't be afraid to give it a try and see for yourself how moist it is.

    Recipe by: SHERRI LEIGH

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    Using a Bundt cake tin means this apple cake comes out looking gorgeous, especially with a dusting of icing sugar. The moist, dairy-free sponge is studded with lots of apples and the result is delicious. Feel free to reduce the sugar by 100 to 200g, especially if you're using sweet rather than tart apples.

    Recipe by: Armando Duron

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