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    Grapes aren't just for adding to salads or topping a pavlova - we have recipes for Italian grape cakes, Gorgonzola and grape risotto, Spanish almond soup with grapes plus a recipe that shows you how to use organic grapes to create your own sourdough starter for bread!

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    Spain is famous for its almonds and locals put them to good use in this chilled summer soup. It's called Ajo Blanco con Uvas and is made with freshly crushed almonds, breadcrumbs, lots of garlic, olive oil and vinegar. Peeled grapes and water are added before serving.

    Recipe by: DAY-STAR

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    This fruity cake goes exceedingly well with sweet wine. Zante grapes are stirred into the cake mixture, then a few are scattered on the top before being baked to perfection.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    Grapes are pickled in a sweet and savoury brine. They make a lovely addition to a cheese platter.

    Recipe by: CJ

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    Lettuce, red grapes, apples, toasted walnuts and blue cheese are layered in a tall glass bowl to make this beautifully presented Waldorf salad.

    Recipe by: Stasty Cook

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    Use unwashed, organically grown red or purple grapes for this recipe. The white powder found on the skins of the grapes is used as homemade sourdough starter for bread. If you wish, you can switch to plain flour on the fifth day. The starter is fully active and ready to use in nine days.

    Recipe by: Sharon

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