Classic cocktails (34)

    Sometimes there's nothing better than a classic. Find recipes for all of your old favourites, including the Manhattan, mint julep, gin fizz, Negroni, Singapore sling and more.

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    The classic drink, which is stirred and not shaken. Whisky is stirred with sweet vermouth and served in a glass. The addition of bitters is purely optional. Garnish with a cocktail cherry.

    Recipe by: JIBERN

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    This classic cocktail has a tropical influence. Spiced rum is shaken with ice, coconut rum, grenadine syrup, pineapple juice and orange juice. It's the perfect summer drink to enjoy all year long.

    Recipe by: Andrea

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    A sweet gin libation that's sure to create a buzz.

    Recipe by: PIPURRCAT

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    The classic Manhattan cocktail gets a makeover with some Indian-inspired spice. I find adding a little more bitters than you think you need is key to getting that taj-tastic flavour!

    Recipe by: Diana

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    A wonderfully cool and refreshing cocktail that will perk up your day. Dry vermouth is shaken with ice and gin, then garnished with a pimento stuffed green olive.

    Recipe by: shaggy


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