Find aubergine recipes for delicious vegetarian mains, meze, dips and more. We have everything from moussaka to baba ganoush and ratatouille. Enjoy aubergine when it is in season and at its best, throughout the summer months.

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    This is a variation of the ever-popular spaghetti bolognese and is sure to become just as well-loved. The little meatballs have aubergine added for a modern twist, and the sauce contains all the essential flavours of a classic Italian dish. Both can be made ahead, then simply reheated when you are ready to cook the pasta.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    A vegetable-full curry! Serve this curry over your favourite rice and you're sure to have a tasty meal. If you have carrot-ginger juice available to you, try using it in place of the orange juice - either one is delicious!

    Recipe by: NIBLETS

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    This makes for a luxuriously rich vegetarian meal, prepared in only an hour thanks to a few shortcuts. Aubergine slices are dipped in egg and breadcrumbs, then baked instead of fried. The slices are layered with tomato pasta sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan.

    Recipe by: DOERY

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    This is a rich, substantial vegetarian meal when served with pitta or crusty bread and salad. It gets better with time, if there are any leftovers!

    Recipe by: Mai Forrester

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    Moussaka is of the most celebrated Greek dishes. This recipe includes sliced aubergine, minced beef and a lovely white sauce.

    Recipe by: PEGGY AYSCUE

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    Forget about the tinned stuff loaded with sugar and try this delicious French casserole of veg in a scrumptious thick tomato sauce. Eat it with pasta, rice, baked potato or on its own with crusty bread.

    Recipe by: cheekycookie

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    Aubergines roasted in the oven, with just a little garlic and olive oil. Simple, delicious, and quick!

    Recipe by: fabrice

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    For this stuffed aubergine recipe, I always use different kinds of cheese to bake on top - whatever I have in the fridge - and it always tastes gorgeous! You can also use a combination of cheeses, and sprinkle a little grated Parmesan on top for that extra bit of flavour.

    Recipe by: Brigitte

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    Ratatouille can be eaten warm or cold with all kinds of meat, fish or eggs... Or simply enjoy it on its own with some good crusty bread and a wedge of cheese. You don't have to peel the aubergine or courgette, if desired.

    Recipe by: Gilles

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    I came up with this risotto recipe for two at university and it's been a favourite of mine since I first made it. It's also easy to adapt and you can add whatever vegetables you have to hand.

    Recipe by: MidgetR

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