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    If you've ever wanted to make puff pastry from scratch - we have the perfect recipe for you to try! We also have hundreds of savoury pie and sweet tart recipes, sausage rolls and pastries that use ready-made puff pastry.

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    Flaky shop-bought puff pastry is filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread and raspberry jam in this delectable treat. I concocted this on a whim one afternoon, and after one bite, I knew it was one for the books! Simple and delicious.

    Recipe by: allison125

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    If you've ever wanted to make puff pastry from scratch, this is the recipe. I have been using this recipe for over 20 years. Puff pastry puffs into thin delicate layers as it bakes, making it perfect for breakfast pastries, beef wellington and tempting pies.

    Recipe by: your mom

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    Delicious, yet so easy to make. Anyone can make these apple turnovers!

    Recipe by: MAU-COLUMBUS

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    These are simple and delicious! They freeze really well too.

    Recipe by: POSHIE25

    696 reviews

    Beautiful presentation, yet so simple to make with shop bought puff pastry.

    Recipe by: Kelly Grimes

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