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    Chicory, also known as endive, is an elegant but slightly bitter leaf vegetable that sweetens when cooked. Find chicory salad recipes, a chicory and cannellini bean soup recipe, classic chicory au gratin recipes and much more.

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    This is a super-delicious soup packed full of protein. Cannellini beans are simmered with chicory, tomatoes, chicken stock and garlic. It can be made into a vegan soup by using vegetable stock. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Islandgirl17

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    The flavour of oranges and chicory pair very well together. In this savoury salad, slices of chicory and orange segments are tossed with a creamy garlic sauce.

    Recipe by: Ingrid

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    A lovely way to use chicory when it's in season. You can serve this gratin as a side dish or as a main with potatoes or a green salad. Add more ham to make it a heartier dish.

    Recipe by: gaidgin

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    A delightfully sweet and delicious salad, made by topping chicory leaves with dressed romaine lettuce, roasted beetroot and crumbled feta cheese. Serve as a starter, appetiser or a side salad.

    Recipe by: Robbie Rice

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    This recipe is my mum's. I loved 'andijvie stamppot' as a kid growing up in the Netherlands, and I still love it. Raw chicory or endive is mashed together with boiled potatoes, mixed with bacon and served with sausage as a main dish. A very common dish in the Netherlands during the colder months.

    Recipe by: Marjel