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    Find lots of creamy courgette risotto recipes bursting with fresh flavours, including authentic Italian courgette risotto, slow cooker courgette risotto, prawn and courgette risotto and many more!

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    This is a simple but impressive summery risotto made with courgettes and Italian Stracchino cheese. If you can't find Stracchino cheese, you can replace it with any soft, creamy cheese such as Brie.

    Recipe by: SimonaRomano

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    The flavours of courgette, salmon, white wine, lemon and dill blend perfectly in this Italian seafood risotto.

    Recipe by: alemarsi

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    A tasty courgette risotto finished with 1 tablespoon of pesto and a dusting of crunchy pine nuts. A great Italian main dish, perfect in every season!

    Recipe by: PaolaAlbanesi

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    The flavour of any risotto depends on the stock you use. This summery risotto is made with fresh fish stock, which in my opinion makes all the difference! It elevates the flavour in the overall dish. I have included an easy fish stock recipe in the notes.

    Recipe by: tea

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    A lovely vegetarian risotto, perfect for summer with a burst of colour from sun dried tomatoes and courgette.

    Recipe by: LitleLisa1

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      Mushroom, courgette and bacon risotto

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