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    Redcurrants are beautiful little berries and can be used in trifles, cheesecake, tarts, jellies and ice cream just like any other berry!

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    I got this recipe from a friend in Germany. It's a delicious way to use red currants when in season from July.

    Recipe by: BIGTIME

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    Tart redcurrants are layered with a buttery base and a topping of hazelnut meringue in this triumph of a cake!

    Recipe by: Lena

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    A litre of milk that needed to be used up, and several bags of redcurrants in the freezer inspired me to make this lemon trifle. My husband, who is not a big trifle fan, loved it, saying it was lighter than the usual trifle with sherry and vanilla custard.

    Recipe by: nadia

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    No need for an ice cream maker! This quick to make, colourful and tart ice cream is perfect for a summer afternoon. Excellent with biscotti or almond biscuits.

    Recipe by: Julian

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    A lighter cheesecake made with goat's cheese and goat or sheep yoghurt - perfect for those of us who cannot have cow dairy. If you don't have a problem with cow dairy, feel free to use regular Greek yoghurt and regular cream cheese.

    Recipe by: Diana

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      Redcurrant meringue cake