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    Quark is a low fat soft cheese that's growing in popularity here as it makes a great substitute in savoury and baking recipes especially cheesecakes, pastry, breads and biscuits.

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    These thin crepes, filled with a sweet lemon-quark mixture are a traditional Polish dessert that both adults and children love!

    Recipe by: agamyr88

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    Quark is a low fat soft cheese used a lot in Europe and now widely available in our supermarkets. It tastes great in bread recipes.

    Recipe by: Nanda

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    A Dutch treat! A light tasting no-bake cheesecake made with quark soft cheese, cream, gelatine and lime. The base is made with coconut biscuits, but you can use digestives as well.

    Recipe by: Chantal

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    This courgette quiche with black olives and rosemary brings a taste of Provence to your table.

    Recipe by: Marie-Capucine

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    Instead of custard, try this lighter version of trifle made with quark instead of custard. You can make this trifle in a large dish but I prefer to serve it in individual glasses. Garnish with additional strawberries or mint leaves.

    Recipe by: Nanda

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