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    Wild garlic has long pointed bright green leaves which can be used to create culinary treats like wild garlic pesto, wild garlic butter or wild garlic risotto. You can find wild garlic growing in abundance in shaded woodlands during early spring. Look out for it at your local fruit and veg shop when in season and give one of these recipes a whirl!

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    Sliced potatoes, wild garlic leaves (aka as bear's garlic) and bacon are pan-fried in this delicious springtime side dish.

    Recipe by: cookin'mama08

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    If you like pesto, and you can find wild garlic, try this unsual pesto. Great with any kind of pasta, crackers, bread etc.

    Recipe by: gee

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    This garlicky mayonnaise is delicious with cold cuts, grilled or fried fish, or as a dip. The amount of wild garlic you add is up to taste, from a couple of tablespoons to a small bunch.

    Recipe by: Stefan70

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    A wonderful antipasti that you can make with dried wild garlic or wild garlic pesto (see footnote).

    Recipe by: Asterix

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    This salmon dish uses wild garlic, or wood garlic, which is a wild plant that can be found in deciduous woodlands. It is closely related to chives, and has a light garlic aroma.

    Recipe by: donfredo

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