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    Cloves impart a unique fragrance and warming flavour to many dishes including tagines, chillies and chutneys. They pair perfectly with apple or pumpkin in pies and cakes and are pretty much an essential ingredient in lots of Christmas recipes including mulled wine, roast glazed ham, bread sauce and more!

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    A delicious alternative for the classic Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner. Ham is studded with cloves and baked with a honey and butter glaze. Simple, yet utterly delicious.

    Recipe by: Colleen

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    This jerk chicken is one of my nephew's favourite barbecue recipes. This well rounded flavour of sweet, hot, herbal and spicy chicken can be served with rice, beans or pasta. Or just make a chicken sandwich out of it! I also add garlic and a kiwi fruit to the marinade.

    Recipe by: KIBADA22

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    Tomatoes are slowly simmered with fennel, onion, garlic, treacle, vinegar and spices to create this favourite! It's not as smooth and tastes a little different, but it's fresh and homemade.

    Recipe by: DJFoodie

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    Moist and ridiculously delicious apple blondies. Bake these perfectly spiced blondies in a cast-iron frying pan for a unique presentation that elevates these from midday snack to impressive dinner party dessert when served warm with ice cream!

    Recipe by: MomZilla (Evin)

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    Sipping a restorative cup of masala chai in India is a daily rite of passage. The roadsides are dotted with chai wallahs who serve the tea boiled up with spices, sugar and milk. Despite 'chai' merely meaning 'tea' in Hindi, us Westerners have adopted the term as a short hand for the full masala mix – that is, the unique blend of spices that give chai its delicious aroma. The ingredients are naturally festive, with cinnamon stick and cloves adding a peppy warmth and sweetness. Our India expert at Rickshaw Travel has created an authentic recipe to try at home and added even more Christmassy flavours to give your cup of chai a seasonal kick.

    Recipe by: Rickshaw

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