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    The flesh inside tamarind pods has a similar look and taste to dates but isn't as sweet. Find loads of Indian and Thai recipes that use tamarind paste, tamarind juice or tamarind extract including curries, chutneys and pickles.

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    Jackfruit adds a unique texture to this hearty chicken curry flavoured with ginger, shrimp paste, tamarind paste and turmeric.

    Recipe by: Brittney Tun

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    A sweet and spicy smooth chutney made with tamarind paste, cumin, ginger, fennel seeds and garam masala. Spoon on top of cooked chicken breasts or simply use as a dip for poppadoms or warm naan bread.

    Recipe by: STEELTOWN

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    Tamarind paste is not only for cooking, you can also use it to make a refreshing sweet and sour drink.

    Recipe by: Gra├žaRibeiro

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    If you love lamb chops and curry - you will love this dish! It's made in the pressure cooker for maximum convenience. Coconut adds a lovely touch of sweetness.

    Recipe by: tanzif

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    A casserole of spicy chickpeas with a slight tang, perfect for winter get-togethers in front of a warm fire.

    Recipe by: blobhm

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