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    Gouda cheese melts beautifully which makes it a great stuffing for pork chops, chicken breasts or meatballs. Dutch aged gouda and smoked gouda are perfect for adding a rich, complex flavour to savoury scones and pastries, toasted sandwiches and pasta dishes.

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    These scones contain two types of cheese. They are a little different than your average cheese scone as you don't need to roll them out. You can just drop the mixture in dollops onto baking trays and bake them up. Yes, they'll turn out to be all different shapes and sizes but they are still wonderfully delicious - soft and light in the middle and packed full of cheesy goodness.

    Recipe by: audiospirit

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    Pork chops are stuffed with smoked cheese and bacon, before being barbecued to perfection. Serve with a side salad, jacket potatoes, mashed potatoes or rice. A delicious change from the traditional barbecue food.

    Recipe by: DARLA C.

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    Potatoes au Gratin, given a delicious twist with the addition of garlic and grated Gouda. You can use Gruyere instead of Gouda if you wish. Note that leftovers aren't the best, so plan on enjoying this cheesy recipe straightaway!

    Recipe by: Lisa Ramos

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    This is definitely my favourite vegetarian option for empanadas. Leek is finely chopped and sauteed with mushrooms and grated Gouda is added for a perfect flavour. The main secret for the cheese not to spill out while baking is to add 1 teaspoon of flour to the filling.

    Recipe by: MariaZoroza

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    This vegetarian tomato and basil tart is one of my classics - I often make it for lunch. With a mixed salad and fresh bread, it tastes wonderful. The tomato tart can be warmed up the next day and enjoyed for a breakfast on the go.

    Recipe by: barbara

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