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    Find quick and easy elbow macaroni pasta recipes beyond mac and cheese, including macaroni mince, pasta salads, soups and more!

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    This vegetarian pasta bake is quick and easy to prepare. Macaroni is baked with Cheddar cheese, evaporated milk, butter and seasonings. It's the perfect winter comfort food.

    Recipe by: Cordi Tierno

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    'Pasta e fagioli' means beans and pasta in Italian. This is my version of this comforting soup that uses cannellini beans, beef mince, tomato-vegetable juice and ditalini (or macaroni) pasta.

    Recipe by: Karyn Osborne

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    It only takes five ingredients and twenty minutes to make this delicious pasta. Macaroni is tossed in a meat sauce made with beef mince and condensed tomato soup.

    Recipe by: April

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    Easily doubled for a crowd, cottage cheese and soured cream are the unique elements to this macaroni cheese recipe.

    Recipe by: Carla

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    This is a delicious and hearty soup. Courgettes, beef mince, green pepper and macaroni are simmered together in a rich tomato soup. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread. The perfect way of using up tomatoes and courgettes in the summer.

    Recipe by: Joanna Knudsen

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