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Pheasant recipes (37)

Find delicious pheasant recipes for everything from a hearty casserole to a succulent roast. Pheasant is in season from end October through December, making these recipes perfect to enjoy round Christmastime.

Top pheasant recipes

1 review

This is a great winter warmer and a good way to try pheasant if you've never had it before.

Recipe by: GeorgePowerOtisPugDog

2 reviews

A different way to use pheasant! Serve the sliced pheasant breast with Clapshot, a distinctively Scottish side of mashed turnips and potatoes.

Recipe by: Grant

1 review

An excellent pie made from roast pheasant

Recipe by: SloeWolf

1 review

Enjoy this delightful dish with friends on a chilly autumn night. Pheasant and port go hand in hand in this dish and produce the most wonderful flavours that resonate throughout and linger on the palate. Leave plenty of time to prepare this dish by starting the day before. On the evening of your supper, serve the pheasant with autumn vegetables and a starch such as potato or wild rice.

Recipe by: ChefPaul

1 review

A lovely way to enjoy pheasant, which is simply braised with lots of mushrooms. Serve with mash or boiled potatoes.

Recipe by: holtzyt

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