Chorizo recipes (113)

Not just for pizzas and paella - check out these recipes with chorizo and add a Spanish flavour dimension to your breakfast or supper.

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This fresh chorizo is delicious, easy to make and way better than shop bought. I keep some in the freezer at all times for a quick and easy breakfast with scrambled eggs and cheese. Enjoy!

Recipe by: ANNEK85925

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A yummy, smoky stew that's satisfying even in hot weather! This is a light stew, so if you're looking for a hearty winter meal, this one probably isn't for you. Serve with ciabatta for a light snack or with rice for something a little more filling. Don't worry about this being neat, it's messy and rough and easy to cook! And it tastes good!

Recipe by: jessikafield

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Not a recipe for people on a diet - chicken, sausage and penne pasta are baked in a creamy tomato sauce. I cook the meats, pasta and sauce all at the same time, but it can be done individually and refrigerated before baking it in the oven.

Recipe by: Simon Wraight

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A very simple and tasty dish, great for a weekday supper. Always impresses when I cook it for guests too and it can be prepared in advance and just popped in the oven, so no slaving away in the kitchen. This is very adaptable, you can literally just about throw anything in, I have listed what I usually include. A fantastic way to use up whatever veg you have left at the end of the week too!

Recipe by: emjay

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A creamy mix of chorizo, sun-dried tomato pesto and pasta - a delicious midweek meal. I sometimes like to add some chilli for some heat. You can add dried chilli flakes or chopped fresh chilli to taste.

Recipe by: SEGAT1

Chorizo videos

Macaroni and chorizo

Macaroni and chorizo

Chorizo and potato stew

Chorizo and potato stew

Lentil and chorizo stew

Lentil and chorizo stew

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