History of Success

Allrecipes has delivered successful campaigns for automotive, grocery, mass merchandise, dairy, personal care, banks, and endemic advertisers.

Our Audience

  • 84% female
  • 71% 24 to 54 years old
  • 66% work outside the home
  • 90% are the primary purchase decision makers, selecting which brands come into their household
  • 50% shop for groceries within 48 hours of Allrecipes visit
  • 77% prepare meals at home daily
  • 94% seek food, beverage and recipe information online/month

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About Us

Allrecipes is a leading site in UK and the world’s largest and most active online food community serving more than 1 billion visits annually, energising home cooks to confidently accomplish all their cooking goals – no matter the size or scope. Home cooks discover and share food ideas and experiences with Allrecipes through our authentic, relevant, trusted community. With 18 sites representing 23 countries in 12 languages, Allrecipes offers authentic food experiences for home cooks worldwide.

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Allrecipes delivers when it comes to digital advertising. Our team works to develop customised, integrated campaigns that leverage the power of the Allrecipes' community to drive awareness, preference and consumption for your brand.

Allrecipes offers an extensive range of online media advertising products:

  • Recipe, article and video integration to drive engagement
  • Prominent homepage and category sponsorships
  • Customisable geotargeted banner ads to drive traffic
  • Interactive advertising that reaches cooks at home and on the go
  • Display advertising for mobile to keep your brand message in front of technology

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Sales & Advertising

Lisa M. Jelic
International Sales Manager
+1 (206) 576-3314

Allrecipes International Headquarters

413 Pine Street
Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98101