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Learn how to roast turkey to perfection with our video on cooking turkey. While there are many ways to cook a turkey, this easy, fail-safe method will produce a golden, juicy, delectable bird every time.

Where to start...
Start with a fresh or thawed turkey. Thawing can take up to several days so plan ahead.

To prepare and roast the turkey, you'll need a roasting tin, rack, kitchen paper, baster, ovenproof meat thermometer and aluminium foil.

To serve your turkey, you'll need a sharp carving knife, a cutting board and a serving platter large enough to accommodate a lot of meat.

Rinse the turkey

Rinse the bird several times with cold water inside and out.
Set the turkey in the roasting tin

Set the turkey breast-side up on the rack set inside the roasting tin. (The rack keeps the turkey off the bottom of the tin, allowing air to circulate around it as well as keeping the bird from soaking in the drippings.)
Add seasonings

Pat the turkey dry with kitchen paper. Rub salt and pepper, oil or butter and the spices or herbs of your choice everywhere — on the skin, under the skin and inside the cavity.

If you're stuffing your turkey, stuff it loosely, allowing about allowing about 100 to 175g of stuffing per 450g of turkey. Seal the stuffed cavity with a piece of foil. Remember to allow additional cooking time when stuffing a turkey.
Insert the thermometer

The key to turkey perfection is cooking it the right amount of time. To do this, insert an ovenproof thermometer into the thickest part of the thigh and point it towards the body, ensuring the it doesn't touch any bone.
Roast the turkey

Slide your turkey into the oven on the lowest rack and set the timer. How long you cook your bird is based on its weight and whether or not it is stuffed.

Follow your favourite recipe or the recipe in the video above, or use these general guidelines:

Turkey Weight

Roasting Time

Roasting Time

4.5-8kg (10-18 lb)

3-3.5 hours

3.75-4.5 hours

7-10kg (15-22 lb)

3.5-4 hours

4.5-5 hours

10-11kg (22-24 lb)

4-4.5 hours

5-5.5 hours

11-13kg (24-29 lb)

4.5-5 hours

5.5-6.25 hours

Tent your turkey

When the skin is a golden brown, pull the turkey out of the oven and place a loose tent of foil over the top and resume cooking. During the last 45 minutes of roasting, remove the foil tent to continue to brown the skin.
Test for doneness

Check the temperature on the thermometer. The internal temperature on the leg should reach 74 degrees C. If you stuffed the turkey, the stuffing should be 74 degrees as well. Then let your turkey rest for 20 minutes before carving so the juices can redistribute.
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