Cake pop tips

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Cake pop tips
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Cake pops are a great make-ahead idea for a party or cake sale. Read on for tips and tricks that'll help you achieve perfect, professional-looking cake pops every time!

Keep it cold
Don't try to save time by skipping a thorough chill in the fridge or freezer between each step - it'll just make things more difficult as you progress through the recipe. The cake pop mixture should really be chilled three times for best results: once after combining the mixture, once after rolling into balls and then finally after sticking in the cake pop sticks.
Check consistency
Cake pops are usually simply made of two ingredients: crumbled cake and the 'glue' - which can be anything from jam to icing to Nutella®. Each cake is different, and some are more moist than others. The key is to add your 'glue' gradually and stop adding it when the mixture can hold a ball shape without crumbling, but isn't so moist that it sticks to your hands.
Wet your hands
Rolling cake pops is made loads easier if you use wet hands. This will prevent the mixture from sticking and ensure a smoother, more uniform surface. You can keep a small bowl of water next to your work station so that you can continue to wet your hands whilst rolling.
Don't forget the coating
A coating of melted chocolate is essential to a finished cake pop. The chocolate coating keeps the cake pop moist, meaning you can make them well in advance of serving, and also makes decorating a breeze.
Make use of kitchen tools
You can use a food processor to make the cake into crumbs, and a mini ice cream scoop works really well for getting uniform balls each time. To let the coated cake pops set upright, simply place the stick in the holes of an upside-down colander, or in a foam block (like what you'd use for a floral arrangement).
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