Eight tips for perfect gluten free cakes

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Eight tips for perfect gluten free cakes
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Thinking about baking a gluten free cake but worried that it won't turn out right? Tried baking gluten free goods but with no success at all? Baking is a science, but not a difficult one, and with simple steps and the right ratio of gluten free flours, you'll be able to bake fluffy, soft and flavourful cakes. Follow these easy tips to bake the perfect cakes, cupcakes, muffins and more.

Don't add more liquid
Gluten free cake mixtures look thicker than regular cake mixtures. Don't worry and don't try to fix it by adding more liquid.
Get it out of the tin!
Gluten free cakes can get soggy if they stay too long in hot tins. Remove cakes and muffins from the tin as soon as possible after taking out of the oven.
Measurements are key
Gluten free baking is a science, and ingredients need to be measured to a "T". But don't let this intimidate you! Just remember to always weigh your ingredients; a scale is your best ally and tool in gluten free baking.
Quality ingredients
Invest in good quality ingredients, which make all the difference in taste and texture. Make sure you use good quality cocoa, chocolate, vanilla extract, butter and more.
Use binding agents
Almost all recipes will need the help of binding agents to hold shape and add fluffiness. Xanthan gum is the binding agent of choice when baking cakes, cookies, biscuits and muffins. If baking smaller items, like mini muffins, mini cupcakes or cake pops, you might not need to add xanthan gum.
No chilling needed
Unlike when making pastry, other gluten free cakes should be made with room temperature ingredients.
Keeping it moist
When dealing with dryness, you can add apple sauce for moisture and richness. Also think about doing a layered cake and brushing the finished cake with syrup. You can also use soft brown sugar instead of granulated or caster sugar to retain moisture.
Smaller is better
Think about making smaller baked goods, like mini muffins, mini loaf cakes, cake pops, mini cookies, etc. It is easier to keep a good structure and texture, and to avoid crumbling.
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