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You can adapt many conventional recipes for the slow cooker. Any oven or hob recipe that has some moisture in it - whether it is water, stock, wine or sauce - will work in your slow cooker.

Easy to prepare, beans are a cheap and healthy way to eat. For such tiny little things, beans offer some pretty big health benefits. Not only are they high in protein, fibre, calcium, potassium and iron, but beans can also lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer and protect against ulcers.

There are a few keys to making your Greek salads unforgettably delicious. Read on to learn how to make spectacular Greek salads that rival those you've had on holiday.

Tempering chocolate redistributes the cocoa butter in chocolate, making it more homogenous, brilliant and easy to work with.

Celebrate a job well done with our graduation party ideas. We have recipes for special graduation cakes, party nibbles, tipples and more!

If you're carving pumpkins this Halloween and are stuck for ideas, check out these easy to follow Jack-o-lantern templates.

Roasted peppers lend themselves to a variety of dishes. They can take centrestage in anything from salads to soups, or play a supporting role as a pizza topping or garnish. Here we show you how roast your own peppers using three different methods.

These classic autumn treats are tempting apples, indeed. Easy and fun to make, but a few tips and tricks help make them party-perfect every time.

Cutting a mango is easy once you learn these tips and tricks!

Preparing aubergine before cooking involves salting and letting it rest. While the task may seem tedious, many cooks agree it results in aubergine with better flavour and texture.


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