How to BBQ (7)

Get all the tips you need to learn how to barbecue chicken, steaks, burgers, ribs, fish and vegetables to perfection.
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During our short barbecuing season, make the most of suppers in the garden with this guide to barbecuing beef.

Learn how to make BBQ ribs so tender and mouthwatering that you'll be craving them all summer long. Easy to make, and perfect for sharing!

Enjoy steaks barbecued to perfection - whether you prefer them medium rare or well done! These simple tips and tricks will make it easy to relish BBQ steaks all summer long.

Learn how to barbecue foods on a wooden plank - called plank grilling or plank barbecuing - and enjoy the subtle smoky flavour the wood imparts.

Roast your own peppers and chillies at home to bring out their flavour and add a special smokiness to your dishes. You'll save money to boot, as jarred roasted peppers can be expensive!

Want moist, succulent and juicy chicken? The secret is in how you barbecue! Get all the tips you need to learn how to barbecue chicken to perfection.

Barbecued fish is a smart, tasty and healthy way to enjoy our short barbecuing season. Watch this video to learn how to BBQ different types of fish with ease.


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