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Creamy jerk chicken pasta

This is a Jamaican-inspired dish combining the flavours of barbecued jerk chicken with a lovely jerk-flavoured cream sauce, all tossed with pasta. If desired, you can cook the chicken breasts under the grill or in a ridged griddle pan.
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15 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: littemissnuisance
25 Jan 2004
Reviewed by: DAVE77
Hi, everyone!!! I just made this recipe and it was a smash hit.. I made a few modifications though. I totally suggest using the Island Pepper Company, Island jerk seasoning as your jerk paste. It's the best paste you can buy and is superb. I like grilling my chicken but I chose not to. For the chicken, I took two boneless chicken breasts with jerk seasoning (3-4 tablespoons rubbed in) cooked them in a skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil until almost cooked. After that, I cut the chicken into strips and cooked until some browning occured. Then, mixed all the pasta egg noodles into the sauce with the chicken to follow. Simmer in the pan for 5 minutes and you have yourself a treat. If you have ever eaten at Bahama Breeze, this recipe mocks thier Jamaican Jerk Chicken. The key is the Jerk Paste... Try to find the Island Pepper Co. paste.. You will be totally satisfied. I blew myself away with the recipe. You should also try bowtie pasta for an awesome presentation..
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13 Apr 2002
Reviewed by: BRAIDS
I used this recipe recently for a bridal shower. The bride and groom were going to one of the islands and wanted to get into a festive mood. The dish was a smash hit. I did make a few changes -- I sauteed a small onion and a few strips of green pepper with the garlic. To add body to the pasta sauce I made a simple white roux and added it to the sauce. Thanks for the recipe!!!
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12 Jul 2000
Reviewed by: RKW
A little on the spicy side for kids. But it tastes great. The creamy pasta is a nice complement with the spicy chicken. This will become a regular at our house. It is definitely worth the effort!
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09 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: KTHNXBY
this is truly a pasta dish that will knock the socks off of your family and guests! the corn starch is a definite must to thicken the sauce, and i learned a neat trick to add it without leaving clumps in your sauce that don't blend in. take about a cup of the cooked sauce in a seperate bowl, and add the corn starch to the cup of hot liquid and blend well. when it's blended, dump the cup of sauce back into your pan with remaining sauce and it will thicken nicely without the unstirred corn starch clumps!!!
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07 May 2002
Reviewed by: BIGDPRENDER
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08 Oct 2003
Reviewed by: LFAYE
This was absolutely phenomenal! My finicky boyfriend was stunned by how incredible it was. He looked like he wanted to kiss me but was too afraid to put down his fork for fear the taste would end! The creaminess of the pasta blends perfectly with the spicy chicken, and there is a tangy zip to it that I was pleasantly surprised by. Mild Enthusiasts Beware: This dish is spicy! ...but so darn good.
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12 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Junny
Great Recipe! I have a few modifications to make it even better! I think it's best to double the sauce so that it covers all the pasta! I increased it to 2 c. chicken stock, 1 cup wine and 1 cup heavy cream. In addition I used a jerk rub plus a simple jamaican marinade I found in the salad dressing aisle. I prefer to bake the chicken so that it's nice and juicy (350 for approximately 25 minutes). This was a crowd pleaser and the pasta was enough to easily feed 6-7 people, just use more chicken.
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18 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: SPEARFISHER
This is a great change up for chicken. I love Jamaican and I have my own Jerk recipe so I use it, not a commercial blend. I agree with whoever said that this is close to the recipe at Bahama Breeze. It's great. Even my picky eaters liked it. Thanks!
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06 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Rebecca Cartwright
I have been a fan of Jerk pasta since I was 15 working at a gourmet restaurant in my hometown, Now that I am pregnant I have been craving it ALL the time, but at over $10 an order I decided to make my own...I use only Walkerswoods Jerk Paste, I can buy it from that restaurant for around $7 a jar--Im sure you can find it online or at your local store--I followed this recipe since It sounded just how we made it at the restaurant and it tasted EXACTLY like it was made there!!! I couldn't believe myself, and Im not the most experienced cook around....The only thing I did was saute slices of raw chicken in the olive oil, garlic and jerk paste until cooked...Took that out, then added the ingredients minus the chicken stock and upped the lime juice since I feel Jerk can be to spicy, lime juice tames it down. Let that cook together for a bit, then added lots of cream but DID bring to a boil to thicken some, added penne pasta, the cooked chicken, heated well and added a bit more lime juice and it was perfect!!!! I recommend making it extra saucy and serving with a really good french bread toasted with garlic butter spread, GREAT for dipping.
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