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Creamy avocado dressing

This salad dressing is super-easy to make. Avocado is blended with mayonnaise, soured cream, buttermilk and seasonings. Drizzle over salads or use as a dipping sauce.
Reviews (86)

01 Aug 2008
Reviewed by: Jennifer E
Exactly what I was looking for! I was trying to recreate a chop salad I had at a local restaurant and this did the trick! I used it to top chopped romaine, chopped avacdo, chopped tomatoes, crumbled bacon and gorgonzola cheese. Makes a rich and elegant looking salad - would be great for company. Thanks!
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16 Jan 2013
Reviewed by: naples34102
Hubs grimaced when I told him the salad dressing had avocado in it. I should have just kept my mouth shut because he would have never known the difference. But even knowing that the terrible avocado was in it, he still admitted he really liked it. And then he remarked (ha!), “I like to try new things.” Of course he liked it, it was delicious! The avocado gives it richness and a beautiful hint of green color, but it does not contribute much flavor. I followed the recipe but used fresh parsley and dill. This is simply a lovely, fresh dressing with a simple elegance.
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09 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: Taco Cat
I followed recipe exactly except I used dried buttermilk powder and Miracle Whip instead of mayo. This is a really delicious recipe for vegetable dip. I also added milk to thin it down for salad dressing. Excellent recipe!
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06 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: Ms. Robinson
Good. I used lowfat mayo and light sour cream, plus one fresh garlic clove instead of the powder. Tasty and light. I'll bet the full-fat version is insanely delicious, but it's tasty light too.
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16 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Kayla
Definitely a great recipe! I made this as a spread for a Turkey/Swiss sandwich tray. Got great reviews at a shower. I made it Saturday, and it tasted even better Sunday night. The flavors had more time to meld, I guess. I don't know how long the dip will stay good, but it's definitely something you can make the night before. It was more of a spread/dip consistency, as is. But I'm sure thinning it with buttermilk would make a fantastic dressing. It tasted so fresh, I might keep making this instead of buying bottles! I'm going to try the light version next time.
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13 Nov 2007
Reviewed by: Emily Kisling
This Dressing is wonderful!!! Great for dipping vegetables or on a salad.
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19 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Lov's2Cook
YUM!! I used all light ingredients and it was Fabulous! I added a dash of lemon juice to it as well. Great recipe! Thank you so much for sharing!
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20 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: MSP
Delicious! I omitted the dill since I was out but otherwise, made as directed. The flavor was reminiscent of cucumber. Will try adding a garlic clove next time since you can never have too much garlic!
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17 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: bubblesnak
fast, easy, had most things on hand. I subbed milk (2tbs) for the buttermilk to make it lass think, and added cilantro. will use this again over and over.
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28 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: jonlul
This was a very good recipe. Very much like a guacamole on steriods. I used fresh garlic instead of powder and added chives instead of parsley. I think dried parsley has very little flavor, if I had fresh I would've used it.
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