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Guacamole with Bacon

This guacamole is delicious! Traditional guacamole is given a new dimension, by adding in crumbled bacon. Served as a side, in sandwiches, wraps or with tortilla chips. Enjoy!
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14 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: naples34102
Through trial and error I have come up with the way I make my guacamole and once I thought I had it perfected I never deviated from it--until now. Loved the idea of the bacon! I mean, what isn't better with bacon? For the most part I followed the recipe, but added half of a fresh jalapeno pepper, minced, the juice of a lime, and 1/2 tsp. each of cumin and dried cilantro. Just with the addition of bacon alone, this is very good, but still basic. Playing with this a bit and making it your own takes this from very good to excellent. I think bacon in my guacamole will be a permanent addition!
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12 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Walter
Good idea with the bacon bits. I suggest also adding a minced scallion.
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09 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: SvelteCelt
This is closest to my favorite from an old Lawry's brand recipe that used their Seasoned Salt and Seasoned Pepper. Spritz top with lemon or lime juice to keep avocado from turning grey before serving.
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22 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: coco0728
awesome i love gauamole bacn gives it lots of flavor
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28 Jan 2014
Reviewed by: bitterquill
I used a 6 slices of bacon instead of 4 (to use up the rest of a package), and it was pretty tasty. Then I added (per Naples34102's review) 1/2 teaspoon each dried cilantro and cumin, 1/2 large jalapeño and the juice of a lime, and it was even better. I used it on carnitas.
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