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Venison with Mushroom Gravy

This dish is not only quick and easy to make, it also tastes fantastic. Crumbed venison is pan-fried and them simmered in a rich mushroom gravy. It's perfect when served with rice or mashed potatoes.
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09 Mar 2005
I made a couple of changes (used seasoned bread crumbs instead of crackers and didn't use cornstarch at all), but this recipe was wonderful! I don't much care for the 'gamey' taste of deer, but have a freezer full of it to cook. This took out the gamey taste and was just great! I will definitely cook this again!
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12 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Don
This recipe was loved by my whole family - even my wife who does not like the gamey taste. I did customize this recipe a bit though. 1. marinate in apple juice over night, turn once. 2. I added 1 sm.can diced tomatoes. 3. 1 can mushroom soup Be carefull when you place venison cubes into frying skillet, that there is room to turn them to brown, otherwise the breading will fall off. Will make this again!
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15 Dec 2005
Reviewed by: domesticdiva
This was an excellent recipe, my family wouldn't quit raving about it. I used Elk, instead of venison, which my dad hunts every year. He, my step-mom, and husband all loved this dish. It's worth the effort that goes into it.
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08 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: Jennifer Dye Becker
I have not tried this recipe.. but to be fair I rated it 5 because it sounds delish! I did want to comment to those that find venison (or elk) meat gamey. I have been eating wild meat for years. My grandma taught me a trick she's used for years. She will either soak the meat overnight (or all day) in either milk or salted water. I use the salted water. The salt helps pull the blood out of the meat, and in turn eliminates most of the gamey taste. As the day goes on, empty the water, rinse, and add the more salted water. The milk works well too, but milk is a little expensive and it seems like such a waste! Best of luck using these techiniques!
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05 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: cheesemaker
I rated this 5 stars because for the type of dish it is, it's really good. I made a couple of changes. I didn't have any crackers so I used whole wheat bread crumbs. I also used fresh mushrooms, which I think make it much better than canned mushrooms. The gravy was just the right consistancy. We served it with potatoes and sauteed beans. My hubby doesn't like venison, but we have a farm and let people hunt so they give us venison. He liked it fixed this way.
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30 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: John
deer was from indiana...egg was from the neighbor...Borrowed everything...but i ate it all! it was delicious!
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16 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: Aliesha L.
Good flavor but kind of a mushy dish. Mine came out a little oily but meat tasted good.
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15 Nov 2001
Reviewed by: Wyoming Carol
I liked the idea of coating the venison first -- tasted so good and was a hit with my husband! I usually just shake the meat in flour before cooking, but this was different. Thanks.
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26 Jan 2013
Reviewed by: cardwhiz
Yum, didn't change a thing. There is no need to.
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20 Sep 2001
Reviewed by: AN0831
My husband is not a huge fan of venison, but he loved this. It stays moist, and melts in your mouth!
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