Jalapeño beef burgers with homemade chips and potato skins

    45 min

    Something I cooked up one night. When making beef burgers you can put almost anything in the mince and it will be tasty! I don't really measure my ingredients as I automatically know how much of what is right so for things like seasoning and herbs, just use your initiative!

    Nottinghamshire, England, UK
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    Serves: 4 

    • 2 slices white bread
    • 2 large potatoes
    • 500g minced beef
    • 1 handful jalapeños, chopped
    • 1 red chilli, chopped
    • fresh chopped basil
    • 3 teaspoons salt and pepper, or to taste
    • 3 to 4 drops Tabasco® sauce
    • 2 teaspoons dried chilli, or to taste
    • 1 egg, beaten
    • 4 burger buns
    • oil for frying

    Prep:15min  ›  Cook:30min  ›  Ready in:45min 

    1. Preheat the oven to 200 C / Gas 6. Soak the bread in some water on a plate.
    2. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes, slice them up into chip sizes, rinse them and leave in a bowl of water. Put the potato peelings in another bowl of water.
    3. Put the mince in a bowl, add the jalapeños, red chilli, basil, salt, pepper, Tabasco and dried chilli and mix together. Squeeze the water out the bread and tear it up into the bowl of mince, chuck in the egg, mix it all together.
    4. Shape the mince into 4 even balls, flatten each ball and put onto a cooking tray.
    5. Place in the preheated oven.
    6. Now the badboy chips: if you have a fryer put it too 170 C. If not, heat a saucepan about 3/4 full with vegetable oil. If it starts to smoke, it's too hot, so turn the hob down. Put a single chip in see if it starts sort of fizzing like it's cooking, then put the rest of the chips in and cook for about 5 minuets. Take them out and put on a baking tray and place on the bottom of the oven or the bottom shelf of the oven. They will still be uncooked.
    7. After about 15 minutes, turn the burgers over and shake the chips.
    8. 15 minutes later, take the chips out put them back in the fryer or saucepan. Once they are golden brown take them out again and put them back on the oven tray and then in the bottom of the oven, below the bottom shelf. Add the potato shavings to the fryer or saucepan.
    9. Meanwhile, put the buns in the oven to get them nice and warm, 2 or 3 minutes. Stir the potato shavings, and once crispy, remove and put them in a bowl; season with salt.
    10. Now get the burgers out, smell them (you gotta smell them!) then put in the buns with the potato shavings on top, take out the chips, put salt and pepper on them, and thyme if you have any, and serve.


    All ovens are different so for the first time you do it keep checking and play by ear, you can grill the burgers if you prefer or BBQ them.

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    The photograph really puts me off! Blue beefburgers! But I agree the combination of Jalapenos and herbs with homemade burgers and wedges is wonderful!  -  15 Aug 2011