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Homemade Chicken Soup

How is it that nothing but chicken and vegetables simmered together can be so satisfying?
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18 Jul 2008
Something else. Pretty good soup. I used a roasted chicken carcass from our previous nights dinner as I feel it adds more flavour then the uncooked chicken. I also used tinned chicken stock in lieu of the water, along with my usual seasonings.
18 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: MARY DOMAZ
Your basic chicken soup recipe found in most general cook books. It is the old reliable of chicken soup recipes. I appreciated the hint to cut the carrots, celery and onions in half. I had always cut them up in small pieces, and then when I would seive the stock, it was messy to try to retrieve the cut up veggies to put them back in the soup. This is so much easier! When I seive the stock, I place a piece of kitchen roll in the seive. It makes for a nice clear stock. I also cook some noodles to add to the soup. I do not like to add the noodles directly to the pot of soup, because the noodles will absorb too much of the stock.
21 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: hannahfm2004
super! just like my mum does - a lovely home comfort. i added leeks, sweet potatoe, potatoe, brocolli etc to it towards the end. used the chicken breasts for another meal, and there was still plenty of chicken left in the soup. really lovely!
18 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: Marian
Absolutely wonderful recipe! I put two whole (scrubbed with the peel on) potatoes in the bottom of the pot with chicken. I followed the instructions and let it cook, took the chicken off the bone and returned everything to the pot after I cut up the veggies. I then added some frozen veggies and shell pasta. My son has a cold and this soup really hit the spot with him. I really recommend this soup recipe! I put half in individual containers in our freezer and my son, who wants soup every day, will be set for at least a few days!
18 Jul 2008
Used different ingredients. This was the first time making Chicken Soup from scratch, and I was surprised at how simple it was. My husband wanted homemade noodles with it, and it turned out GREAT! We added the noodles to the soup, and let them boil for about 15 minuites, and served. I saved the leftovers, and they tasted even better the second time!!! I also added a bit more water while the chicken was boiling. I will definatly be making this again!
04 Apr 2011
yumyums said:
Altered ingredient amounts. i am trying this with a left over chicken carcass with some meat left on, (rather than a whole chicken). will let you know how it turns out.
14 Jun 2016
Reviewed by: NaomiSewell
Really quick and easy to make, added a few extra ingredients like yam, dumplings, sweet potato and scotch bonnet... and used chicken thighs instead of a while chicken
29 May 2016
Reviewed by: Veej
Made this twice. Very nice. Made once in the pot and once in slow cooker. Much better in pot. Added dumplings, herbs and scotch bonnet. Delicious.
27 Feb 2016
Reviewed by: DaleT.Hill
I often use a slow cooker for this. Don't overcook - you want some texture, not ragmeat. Cook all-in, or strip off and reserve the meat, slow cook the skin, giblets and carcass, then remove and add back the meat. To the veggies add garlic, bay, sage, thyme, some tomato puree or chopped chorizo for fuller flavour. Thickening with a potato or a little cornflour makes it less watery. Reduce sodium by using a potassium/sodium blend of salt. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley. It's a great freezer-to-microwave meal.
08 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: Mariaorourke
Loved this. Very easy as I am a beginner cook. I added in chicken stock cubes and doubled the carrots and mashed them to make it a bit thicker then added salt and pepper to taste. Thank you! x


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