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Slow cooker chicken in white wine and mushroom sauce

A creamy chicken dish that's easy to prepare - just let the slow cooker do all the work.
Reviews (259)

29 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: Alij267
This was incredibly easy, I used reduced fat condensed mushroom soup but otherwise stuck to the recipe completely and it was delicious! All the family loved it which is rare!!!! Def going to be a regular from now on.Thanks......
17 Apr 2015
Reviewed by: taurus2012
Absolutely delicious! The chicken breasts, which i bought frozen to save money and waste, were so tender that they fell apart. One tip. I also added a chopped onion to the pot, fried for 3 minutes until just clear and soft. I added the mushrooms in the last 20 minutes of cooking. If you put them into the slow cooker at the beginning of the cooking time, they cook down to half their original size and release so much liquid into the sauce. I sliced and lightly cooked the mushrooms separately for 3 minutes before adding. Also, a chopped red and green pepper 'brightens' up this dish for the plate as well as adding some zing to the flavour. A regular for us now and so easy to prepare and cook.
14 Mar 2013
Reviewed by: EmmaFarrow
01 Feb 2018
Reviewed by: sunluvva
very tasty, chicken lovely and tender, a great favourite
26 Feb 2017
Reviewed by: Lernnn
Delicious! I added an onion and some milk after cooking because the sauce had boiled down a bit too much.
27 Jul 2016
Reviewed by: vdrax
Amazing and easy! I followed exactly but could make some changes if you want. Great for dinner guests because it is hassle free. Great with roasted sprouts or steamed asparagus.
24 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: tarry07
Very easy to make and tastes so good. I did use normal mushroom soup instead of condensed as that was what was in the cupboard and the sauce wasn't as thick as I'd have liked. However I will use condensed next time and hopefully it'll be a bit thicker. Still tasted delicious though!!! And as has been said previously I will probably wait to put the mushrooms in till about an hour before it's done so they don't shrink.
27 May 2014
Reviewed by: HayleyLewis
one word...Excellent!
11 Mar 2007
Reviewed by: robswife
This reminded me of a recipe I sometimes prepare on special occasions. I added garlic, 1/4 cup minced onion, 1/4 grated parmesan cheese, some crushed rosemary and doubled the mushrooms. One hour before serving I also added a 14oz can of quarted artichoke hearts. Served over rice, it was delicious.
(Review from Allrecipes US | Canada)
26 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: bizarrogirl
Pretty good! I took note that other reviewers complained of it having too strong a wine flavor, or being too tangy, and with that in mind, I took the lid off the crockpot for the last half hour and turned it on high. I think this allowed more of the alcohol to evaporate, and the resulting dish was milder than previous tastings during cooking. (It also thickened the sauce nicely.) The chicken was very tender, perfect! I'd add more mushrooms next time.
(Review from Allrecipes US | Canada)


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