Segmented citrus fruit

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    It is infinitely more pleasant to taste the pure flavour of orange or grapefruit segments without the membranes; also, this method shows how to reserve the peel to dry for sachets or to use in marmalade. Here's the way to segment a citrus fruit for a dessert that is simple and delicate.

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    Makes: 1 segmented fruit

    • 1 or many oranges or grapefruits
    • 1 good, sharp knife with a fine blade

    Prep:5min  ›  Ready in:5min 

    1. Slice the top and the bottom from the fruit, and squeeze the juice from the removed slices into a bowl.
    2. Run the blade of the knife from top to bottom to remove the peel and the bitter white pith from the fruit.
    3. Continue to cut the peel and pith from the entire fruit - this takes patience!
    4. Now, slice just before a white membrane, and then just after.
    5. It is not a problem if you leave a little pulp behind - you can squeeze the pulp after removing the fruit sections to extract any remaining juice.
    6. Use for a fruit dessert, a garnish for fish or meat or in a salty-sweet salad or starter. You can drink the juice that you recover, or use it as the base of a sauce. Use the peel, minus the white pith, to make marmalade, or dry to use in fragrant sachets or potpourri.

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