cheese bacon pasta and potato bake

    This is very fattening and is from my student days so I wouldn't advise eating it unless you don't mind eating something very fattening and cheesy :) But makes for a good meal if you are as obsessed with cheese as me. this recipe is not exact as you can put however much of everything in as you want this is just how I do it to my my taste but when my mum makes it she uses a lot less cheese. So have fun with it and change it however you like. I also never weighed it all out I just did it by handfuls or sizes of potatoes. This is also good with apple wood smoked cheese. Also good cold if you have leftovers.

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    • Cheese sauce 1 packet (i never made my own back then so) If you are doing it in a large glass baking bowl use 2 packets
    • Two handfuls of dry pasta whichever pasta you like
    • Half a block of your standard cheese (i like to use red Leicester or mild cheddar)
    • 6 rashers of back or streaky bacon either will do in smoked or normal
    • 3 medium potatoes peeled
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • peas and sweetcorn is optional but can make it taste even nicer


    1. Preheat your oven to 180 c. Grate your cheese
    2. Cut your potatoes into bite size pieces but not too small so they don't go soggy while cooking. Put them in a pan to bowl until just done. Also at this stage boil your pasta till also just done. (Boil your veg also if you are adding that to the mix)
    3. In what ever baking dish you are going to cook your pasta bake in cut up the bacon and scatter it across the bottom of this dish and place in the oven until just cooked. Crispy is good also
    4. Make your cheese sauce by the packets guidelines or however you make it if from scratch.
    5. When everything is just cooked drain the potatoes and pasta and pour them into the dish you have your bacon in and stir together gently until well mixed. (also veg if you are adding that)
    6. Add your cheese sauce and mix well again. Then add 3/4 of the grated cheese and mix again. Put the rest of the cheese on top of the bake and put in the oven.
    7. Cook for 20 minutes depending on your oven you may need to do this for 25 minutes or until the top is golden brown.
    8. Leave to cool for about a minute before serving as this does get very hot and will burn your mouth. This is also good with soya sauce or relish on top before baking but maybe that's just my student mentality. :)


    Sorry about how lacking in weight this recipe is I never did take the time to work out weight and stuff for it. I just know how much of everything I like to use. My other recipes will be done a lot better as they are from my mum and she is a chef so everything will be exact in weight. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

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