Dijon Pork with roast potatoes

    A wonderful way to roast boned, rolled loin of pork, giving a base for the most incredible gravy and tremendous roast potatoes.

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    • Boned and rolled loin of pork
    • Suffcient, 'squashed' garlic to rub over the meat, discarding afterwards
    • Dried thyme
    • Regular (hard) butter
    • Sufficient Dijon mustard to make paste to taste - about the same by volume as the butter
    • Salt and pepper to season
    • Potatoes - suitable for roasting


    1. Remove any excess rind from the meat
    2. Rub the 'squashed' (ie neither chopped nor crushed) garlic over the meat to give a slight flavour - discard the garlic after use.
    3. Combine the butter, thyme and Dijon mustard to make a paste, ensuring that it is soft enough to spread over the meat.
    4. Spread the paste over the meat. Place in a roasting dish big enough to take the potatoes.
    5. Roast the meat - total time and temperature to suit your preference, but I would suggest about 50 minutes per kilo at about 180C.
    6. About an fifteen minutes before the meat is expected to be completed, parboil the potatoes. When part cooked, drain and return to the heat in and ensure they are well dried.
    7. When the meat is cooked, remove from the oven, wrap in foil and keep warm. RETAIN THE ROASTING JUICES.
    8. Increase the oven temperature to maximum and return the roasting tray to the oven. When VERY hot, add the potatoes. Shut the oven door and DO NOT OPEN IT for 10 minutes. Now open the door once to release the steam from the potatoes, basting the potatoes. Shut the door and KEEP IT SHUT for another 15 or so minutes. While they are finishing, start the gravy (see below). Check the potatoes for readiness.
    9. To make the gravy, use the roasting pan juices and a little more thyme and Dijon mustard taste. Add chicken stock and cook through. Check for seasoning and thicken with a paste of corn flour.
    10. Serve the pork and potatoes in the usual way with your choice of vegetables. The meat is so tasty there should be no need for additional sauces or stuffing. ENJOY !!!!
    11. Any left over meat will make fabulous cold sandwiches or salads.

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