Oreo cake

    A soft, wine-filled mound of deliciousness. No oven of microwave required. Works well for a party. Doesn't have to be pretty but just give lots of people a spoon and let them dig in. Even people who don't like Oreos will like it. You will require: a large plate, a fork, a spoon, a mug or glass. Time: 1hr-ish to assemble, 1hr-ish to let everything absorb flavour.

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    • 2 single packets of plain oreos
    • White wine (cheap stuff, even Sainsbury's basics will be fine)
    • Extra thick double cream (not squirty


    1. Put music or a show on in the background and sit down with all your ingredients and equipment on a table/work surface.
    2. Pour a mug/glass half full of white wine. Pour another one full if you feel like having a drink throughout cake-making time
    3. Open Oreo packet so you have access to all Oreos without them spilling everywhere. Open cream. You'll be going back and forth to the wine and cream so have them close by.
    4. Put an Oreo on a fork and lower into the mug/glass. Let soak in wine for about 10 seconds.
    5. If it starts breaking apart when you remove it, lower the time you leave the Oreos in wine in subsequent mug-dipping. If you're picky about presentation, eat broken Oreos. If not, place the Oreo on the plate as though you were leaving space for 5 other Oreos on the bottom layer (you will eventually have 3 pairs of Oreos in a rectangle shape).
    6. Do the same for 5 more oreos
    7. Use the spoon to top each Oreo with 1/2 layer of cream. If there are spaces between the Oreos, cover those Oreos with cream
    8. Do steps 4-7 by placing the second layer on top of the first layer
    9. Use your artistic eye (depending on how many Oreos you have left) to use the same wine-dipping and cream-topping method to decide where to put the rest of the Oreos. If you only have 1 left, save till last.
    10. Use any remaining cream (within reason) to cover the entire rest of the cake. Be careful not to break Oreos in the process. Smooth it over with the spoon to look more artistic. If you have an Oreo left (which hasn't been soaked in alcohol), break up into small pieces to decorate the top. Voila! Heart-attack on a plate.
    11. THE END


    This is essentially done, but now you can leave it for a couple of minutes to an hour to absorb the flavour. Try to keep at room temperature and don't leave too long in the fridge otherwise the cream will solidify and not be as nice. Also, if you leave it too long or overnight, the wine might leak over the plate. If this does happen, you might have to spend a lot of time neatening it up with kitchen towel. The recipe can just be expanded with more cream and more Oreos to feed more people.

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